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Asset Academy

Asset Academy provides the training support needed by every Asset-member employee in line with our corporate goals and objectives. It plans trainings on professional and personal development, on life and communication skills, and on current topics and issues.

Special Training Services for Our Customers
Asset Academy also makes a difference with its special training activities for our customers. Trainings are planned in line with the special requests and needs of our customers.
Besides, it regularly provides notifications regarding current information and changes in foreign trade legislation. It provides a contribution to the business and operation plans of our customers, who have the most up-to-date and secure information, away from surprises.

Asset Academy Some Training Topics

Corporate Orientation Training
It is a training presented to every new employee who joins Asset Global Logistic Integration.
Leader Development Program
It is a training program attended by all our executives in accordance with Asset Global Logistic's targets and values.
Expert Training Program
It is a training that is applied to our expert candidates and comprises the theory and practices necessary for them to become experts.
Assistant Expert Training Program
It is a training that aims to provide new graduates with a profession and contribute to their personal development. The benchmark that, in order to graduate from the program, candidates must be successful in the exams, is sought.
Special Education Services for Our Customers
Specialization trainings, new graduate trainings, foreign trade trainings, current logistics practices trainings, and customs consultancy and legislation trainings.
Professional and Personal Development Trainings
These are training programs that include professional skills and personal development topics that are within the expertise subjects of Asset Global Logistic employees.
Occupational Health and Safety Training
It is provided to all Asset Global Logistic employees.