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Having a head office in Istanbul and Regional Offices in Mersin, Bursa, Izmir, Iskenderun, and Gaziantep, Asset offers perfectionist services in all main customs and ports of Turkey.

Our Success Story

ASSET GÜMRÜK MÜŞAVİRLİĞİ was established in İstanbul

İstanbul - Halkalı Liaison Office was founded
Mersin Regional Directorate was founded

27-person Team


İstanbul - Ambarlı Liaison Office was founded
İstanbul - AHL Liaison Office was founded
Bursa Regional Directorate was founded

45-person Team



Istanbul - Erenköy Liaison Office was founded
ASSET GÜMRÜK MÜŞAVİRLİĞİ received ISO 9001 certificate
ASSET GÜMRÜK MÜŞAVİRLİĞİ entered the top 100 companies in the sector

60-person Team


ASSET OPTİMUS Software Project was implemented.
ASSET GÜMRÜK MÜŞAVİRLİĞİ succeeded to take place among the top 20 companies of its sector.

100-person Team


ASSET LOJİSTİK A.Ş. was founded
ASSET LOJİSTİK A.Ş. became a member of UTIKAD
ASSET LOJİSTİK A.Ş. became a member of FIATA
ASSET LOJİSTİK A.Ş. became a member of WCA

120-person Team


ASSET GÜMRÜK MÜŞAVİRLİĞİ managed to enter the top 10 companies of the sector, as the youngest company in the sector.

LOJİBLOG, the most real source of all kinds of information needed concerning the sector, with breaking news and sectoral innovations regarding the world of Logistics, Foreign Trade, and Customs, started broadcasting as a gift from the ASSET GROUP to the sector.

160-person Team


The ASSET GROUP expanded its domestic transport vehicle park.

Upon the relocation of Halkalı Customs, which is Turkey's largest customs, to Çatalca, the ASSET GRUP Warehouse investments were initiated in the region.

200-person Team


The ASSET GROUP completed its brand structuring.
It developed its brand architecture by completing the structuring process within itself and, at the same time, it keeps on serving by renewing itself with everything from its website to its logo.

290-person Team

The prestigious holdings of Turkey and the world,

Preferred by global-scale ready-made clothing, retail, automotive, and pharmaceutical brands, important media organizations, and many companies among Turkey's top 500 exporters, Asset transforms its global logistics integration competence into permanent values.

We provide value and vision to our country.

Asset continues to grow by increasing both its brand value and operational efficiency year by year. It creates an important employment value in the logistics sector, with approximately 300 employees.

Our transaction volume and turnover data continue to grow directly proportionally to our development dynamics.

We develop our points of excellence in global logistics integration, which is our institutional raison d'être, with our innovative technologies and our competent manpower.

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