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Asset Intermodal

Asset Intermodal is an integrated transport brand with which we offer the most effective solutions for all transport needs.

Effective Transport Solutions
Asset Intermodal offers experienced and effective transport solutions whose accuracy is absolutely made sure of.
Asset Intermodal, which is managed by expert staff in the optimization of different types of transport solutions and costs, always prepares powerful alternatives.
Inter-Type Transport
By using multiple logistics vehicles (trailer truck+ship+trailer truck/trailer truck+ship+train+trailer truck/trailer truck+train+trailer truck/ship+trailer truck/ship+plane/airplane+trailer truck+ship) without the need to change the loaded containers, Asset Intermodal offers smile-invoking results with both intermodal and multimodal transport solutions.
Advantageous and Environment-friendly
Being more environment-friendly and safer, intermodal transport provides more competitive prices compared to other transport models. This multimodal transport model, which can take more load capacity compared to road transport, is less affected by walking and crossing restrictions. At the same time, intermodal transport, which is minimally affected by adverse weather conditions, is advantageous in terms of environmentalism and sustainability.